Facebook Ad IQ Academy Review

Product Name: Facebook Ad IQ Academy

Author Name: Maxwell Finn

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Facebook Ad IQ Academy Review

Facebook is one of the best platforms to post ads. It plays the great role for any business to attract the users. It gives us vast opportunity to advertise in online. Do you have trouble setting up your right custom audience? Have you found it difficult to stay on updates and features on Facebook? If you are tired of finding an ad or worry to find the right audience with your ads, then, you are at the right place. Facebook Ad IQ Academy is the best choice for you. It helps you to get the best chance to win your business. Facebook Ad IQ Academy is the Facebook advertising course that helps you to learn everything about Facebook Ad posting.

What is Facebook Ad IQ Academy?

Facebook Ad IQ Academy is the step-by-step blueprint that helps you to create profitable Facebook ads like a professional. Maxwell Finn will guide you how to create winning Facebook ad campaigns from scratch. This course will help you to get access to thirty hours of videos including everything from getting the specific audience to scale your ads from $10 to $10,000 plus. It offers you tactics, tips, and strategies to gain access to the massive library. More than 2000 entrepreneurs and marketers are crushing Facebook ads every day. It will maximize the customer lifetime value. This course will help people to build your grow real business. Moreover, you can create relationships and develop community. You can able to run the bunch of Facebook ads and earn six to seven figure income.

How Does Facebook Ad IQ Academy Work?

Facebook Ad IQ Academy is the blueprint course that offers you tremendous value to newbies and experienced media buyers. You will expect to earn six-figure income on Facebook ads. Here, you will learn how to use the modules to post FB ads.

  • Module 1: Building Your Foundation: This first module will help you to initialize your business. You will set up Facebook Pixels, Competition Spying, Advanced Custom Audiences, Behavioral and Demographic Targeting Options.
  • Module 2: AD Type Breakdown: The user will have the chance to create collection ads, canvas ads, sponsored message ads, offer ads, dynamic product ads, catalog & DPA feed creating.
  • Module 3: Data Is King: It helps you to know the number of reports. It includes Facebook Analytic to start with UTMs.
  • Module 4: Funnels And Advanced Strategies: This four module will help you to sell with Facebook Live. It includes Video Ad Funnel, Powerful Thank You Ad, Lead-Generation Machine and Post-Purchase Re-targeting Funnel.
  • Module 5: The Future Is Messenger: You will get started with messenger and messenger automation. It will improve your messenger audience.
  • Module 6: Profitably Scaling: You will learn about the manual bidding, manual bidding strategies, and scaling formula.
  • Module 7: Power Tools: You will receive power tools such as Sniply, ConnectRetarget, CartHook, Proof, Zipify Pages, and Vyper.
  • Module 8: Funnels Blueprints & Bonuses: You will run six Facebook ads to run PDF. It includes Gold Standard Funnel, Ecom All Stars Presentation, Cold Traffic Funnel, Course Launch Funnel, Free Shipping Funnel, and Manual Bidding Strategy.

What Will You Get From Facebook Ad IQ Academy?

  • 100+ Videos: You will learn everything with custom audiences to latest post-purchase retargeting strategies.
  • Private FB Group: In this Private FB Group, you will have the chance to solve your queries with Facebook advertisers.
  • Weekly Live Streams: You will get weekly Live streams to increase your progress.


  • Facebook Ad IQ Academy allows you to create the profitable business by getting traffic through affiliate networks.
  • It helps you to sell SaaS product, digital products, course, and other digital contents.
  • This course will help you to sell physical products.
  • You will discover how to use Facebook ads to develop messenger and email lists with reasonable price.
  • This course will create awareness for the local business. You will get more and more traffic.
  • It helps you to launch profitably and scale traffic campaigns.
  • You will build the rock solid foundation.
  • It provides you re-targeting strategies and cutting-edge A/B testing that maximize your profits.
  • This program helps you to scale winning campaigns.


  • Facebook Ad IQ Academy has no offline availability. We have only option to learn through its official site.
  • If you miss any single instruction, then you may not be able to create FB ads like the pro.


Facebook Ad IQ Academy is the highly-recommended course for people who want to earn serious money with Facebook ads. It will shine your business career completely. You will get the one-on-one session that helps you to see improvement in your Facebook ads. This program helps you to work on Facebook. It provides you 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with this Facebook Ad IQ Academy for any reason, then, you can claim to get back your refund money. Take your business to the next level.

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